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Hair Transplant ~ San Francisco Bay Area

There are many different types of hair transplant procedures, and as a Bay Area hair transplant specialist, Dr. Gorrin is versed in all. Here are the most common options -

  • Hair Transplant - this is what the lay person commonly thinks of in terms of hair restoration, for both men and women, and it involves surgically removing hair from one area of the head and 'transplanting' it to another. It is truly amazing what hair transplantation can do to restore hair, and restore one's youthful appearance.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction - commonly called the 'FUE Procedure' or 'FUE Transplant,' we are San Francisco's go-to clinic for Follicular Unit Extraction, which is also commonly called 'robotic hair transplant' or 'robot hair transplantation.' Using the ARTAS® Robotic System, it's the latest technology. We were one of the first Bay Area hair clinics to use this amazing robotic hair restoration method. The ARTAS Robot offers the advantage of advanced digital technology and precision robotics which insures that the first graft taken and the last graft taken are of the highest and equal quality. This graft quality provides the best hair transplant results. The procedure is minimally invasive, resulting in a quick recovery, no linear scar, and permanent hair restoration results. This procedure is especially important to those patients who want to wear their hair short.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation - commonly called the 'strip hair transplant' method. This is an older technology, but in many cases just as good. By consulting with Dr. Gorrin, you'll be able to assess with his guidance which procedure is best for you.
  • Eyebrow Restoration or Eyebrow Hair Transplant - some patients have thin or thinning eyebrows, and can experience eyebrow hair loss. Dr. Gorrin has a great attention to detail, and is an expert in eyebrow hair restoration.

From Hair Loss to Transplantation & Restoration

While men suffer hair loss in much greater numbers than women, we are experts in both male hair transplants and female hair restoration. Many women come to our clinic from all over the San Francisco Bay Area - from Marin County in the North, to Oakland, to San Jose, and of course from San Francisco. If you are a women suffering from hair loss, reach out to Dr. Gorrin for a free private and confidential consultation about your hair loss. Dr. Gorrin is a top-rated hair transplant specialist in California, and he will be able to recommend an individualized treatment plan. Dealing with hair loss costs less than you think: while hair loss cost is a concern, most people find out that they can afford to improve their hair and appearance.

For men, we are - of course - experts in male pattern baldness. Dr. Gorrin can meet with you in person for a free consultation, or online via SKYPE technology. Male patients seeking the Bay Area's best hair restoration clinic come to us from as far away as Sacramento, California, or even Reno, Nevada, but of course most of our patients are seeking a San Francisco hair transplant surgeon or a San Jose hair transplant doctor, and realize the our centrally located Foster City office is worthe the short drive. Again, a consultation with Dr. Gorrin is the best first step in your hair restoration strategy - as all patients are different.

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Directions to our San Francisco Bay Area Hair Transplant Center

Located in Foster City, California, Gorrin Surgical is one of the best San Francisco Bay Area hair transplant clinics, with cutting edge technologies such as Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. We serve patients looking for a San Francisco hair transplant to San Jose hair restoration therapy, Oakland hair loss doctor to Silicon Valley hair replacement specialist. San Francisco Bay Area Hair TransplantPeople come to us searching for hair loss San Francisco, and find hair replacement therapies for the San Francisco Bay Area including Mountain View or Sunnyvale, and the East Bay, coming from cities such as Walnut Creek. If you are looking for the top-rated hair replacement surgeon in San Francisco, you'll find he actually works in Foster City, California! Browse our complete list of cities served, with convenient directions for Bay Area hair loss patients. Indeed, even in the heart of Silicon Valley as people search for an expert Palo Alto hair transplant physician, they turn to Foster City for their hair restoration needs.

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